Our CEO’s Message

I am proud to be the CEO of SayG which means truth.  I have worked for a long time at the University of Bahrain at various posts reaching as high as Advisor to the President, and Chair of a GCC level award on e-Learning.  After working several years at a private University and many more at the flagship University of Bahrain, I decided to open this company for several reasons.

1st  To help local companies, education, or training establishments in meeting their targets by building bridges that make the impossible possible.

Having spent over 16 years in education and made connections both within the Kingdom of Bahrain as well as internationally in addition to having organized several international level events, we are well positioned to meet this challenge.

2nd To design and produce mobile applications as per customer requirements locally in Bahrain.

Unfortunately, most of app development is exported internationally which makes future maintenance and updates to apps more challenging and expensive.  Our company has the expertise locally and offers the full range of services necessary  to design, create, deploy and manage the apps for customers.

3rd To produce apps to serve the local and international community based upon a patent submitted to the USPTO.  These apps aim to serve the general community with solutions that tackle local as well as international problems.  The patent these apps will be based on, is the result of 16 years of research in how humans reason about basic decisions.

To sum up; this company aspires to disrupt the world with its innovation but at the same time has its feet well planted in the local market to ensure that it is not going to disappear anytime soon.

So.. Keep an eye out for us!!


Sh. Dr. Eshaa AlKhalifa

Chief Executive Officer