About Us

Shaikha DrEshaa AlKhalifa, has led a long fruitful academic life that has peaked with a research discovery that has led her to found this company.

Her educational path led her from getting a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from the College of Engineering at the University of Bahrain to a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence from the University of George Washington with a perfect 4.0/4.0 GPA to a PhD in the field of Cognitive Science (studying the human mind and applying it through Artificial Intelligence coding to computers) from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

With this she became the first Cognitive Scientist in the Arabian Gulf and continued to do research and attend international conferences to present her findings.  

Her career started out with the post of Graduate Assistant following her Master’s degree, after which she obtained her PhD to become Director of Information, Statistics and Data Analysis under the Deanship of Admission and Registration at the University of Bahrain.  She later left the University of Bahrain to found and establish the college of Information Technology at the Royal University for Women where she assumes the duties of Dean and consequently, Acting Vice President.  She later returned to the University of Bahrain as the advisor to the President for eLearning and Information Technology.  During these roles she occupied several committee chair positions at the local, regional and international levels.

The motto is in the end (beginning); following a very successful career that could have easily continued, she chose to abruptly end it through early retirement.  The reason is that she made a breakthrough in her research into how humans reason, but rather than publish that finding, she went on to turn it into an invention.  The first patent is currently under the status “patent pending”.  More patents are likely to emerge from the same research as time passes.

This company is therefore founded on a very solid research finding that has emerged after many years of research and tests for validity and reliability.  The main vision is to make people smile by offering them a service that makes their lives easier.

Our team members come from diverse background. They are skilled fro the job and work to provide quality results.